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Stahlwerk Annahütte: an innovative as well as a tradition rich company - www.annahuette.com

Founded in 1537, Stahlwerk Annahütte (SAH) celebrated its 475th anniversary in 2012 and was taken over in 1975 by the steel group Max Aicher.

Main manufacturer of thread bars for the construction industry, SAH is the worldwide leader for formwork ties (SAS900), geotechnical (SAS500 and SAS670) as well as post-tensioning bars (SAS950). SAH produced over 200,000 tons of bars in 2013.

Its permanent willingness and ability to innovate enables Annahütte to be at the forefront in construction techniques, meeting effectively market expectations.

SAS670, for example, has been recently certified as a high-strength reinforcement product, especially for the construction of high-rise buildings. High strength reinforcement systems feature an increased yield and ultimate strength.The increased yield strength enables the construction of slender, yet stable, structural elements, thus helping save resources and costs.





Max Aicher group

SAH is part of the Max Aicher group - www.max-aicher.de

With 7 rolling mills in Europe, the Max Aicher group, is achieving a turnover of around € 1.5 billion. It is producing metal products for the industry, in particular for the construction and the motor industry

It is led by Mr. Max Aicher.

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